Giving Devonta Freeman more opportunities to make plays – Good or Bad Idea?

Falcons Fam were you wondering how things were going to change under new offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian?

Well According to AJC DOrlando Ledbetter. Sarkisian has put a small wrinkle into the offense early in camp.

Showcasing running Back Devonta Freeman pass catching ability in unique different ways.

What are your thoughts on using Devonta Freeman in screens? Good or Bad idea?

Injury: Andre Roberts to miss up to two days

DOrlando Ledbetter is reporting that returner Andre Roberts is expected to miss the next day or two with an undisclosed injury.

Coach Dan Quinn gave an update on the matter.

“He is a tough guy,” Falcons coach Dan Quinn said. “We are hopeful that he’ll possibly do some stuff tomorrow. He really wanted to go today. From a training standpoint, they wanted to do some rehab with him. “We are hopeful that he’ll (be back) in the next day or two. He had his best two days over the last couple, so I know he’s anxious to get back out there. ”

Falcons signed Roberts to 1 year deal in the off-season to be the returner.

Will The Falcons Soak In Their Loss Like The Panthers?

Falcons linebacker De’Vondre Campbell is taking a stand and ensuring fans they will not end up like Carolina Panthers after their Superbowl Bowl loss.

The Cam Newton led Panthers started were 17-2 2015 and finished 2016 6-10

Campbell didn’t shy away from controversy. He gave his opinion on why Panthers had a down year.

“felt sorry for themselves”

Campbell placed the blame solely on Quarterback Cam Newton for not setting the proper tone for his team.

I tend to agree with Campbell.

The Quarterback performance sets the tone for his team. Newton had without a doubt the worst year as a starter with a completion percentage of 52.9, 3509 passing yards, 19 TDs, 14 Ints and a quarterback rating of 75.8

Far from his MVP Season where he had 3837 Pass Yards, 35 TDs, 10 Ints 99.4 QBR

The question I have for YOU, Falcons Fam. Will the Falcons soak in their Super Bowl loss like the Carolina Panthers?

Here’s what De’Vondre thinks

“I did not like that, man,” Campbell says. “You’re the quarterback of this franchise. You lost. Get up there. Be a man. And talk about it. You can’t get it back. There’s nothing you can do about it except go up there and be a man about it. … He’s the captain of the team. They sulked so much that it definitely affected them last year if you ask me.”

Lets make this CLEAR!!!

Matt Ryan and Cam Newton are COMPLETE OPPOSITES. Ryan takes full responsibility for the loses. Has never soaked in sadness after a big loss like Newton.

So I wouldn’t worry about reigning MVP Matt Ryan not stepping up. He’s the definition of a TRUE leader. You don’t have to worry about keeping him motivated, nor acting like a spoiled brat in a press conference.

You can bet your last dollar the Falcons will be ready to kick the Chicago Bears ass in the September 10 Week 1 opener.

Falcons Devin Fuller Torn ACL

Terrible news out of Atlanta. Second year wide receiver Devin Fuller left training camp with an apparant knee injury.

Coach Quinn after day 2 of training camp stated he didnt know the severity of the injury.

However! Ian Rapaport is reporting an MRI revealed Devin Fuller has in fact tore his ACL.

Terrible luck for Fuller who was hoping to showcase his skills for the first time since being placed on IR last season.

Dan Quinn breaks down the difference between Punt and Kick return

Coach Quinn wants to increase exciting Wide Receiver Taylor “Turbo” Gabriel touches this season.

I mean how can you blame him? You saw his ankle breaking move to Malcolm Butler in the SuperBowl.

Check out Quinn breakdown

Jalen Rose On Julio Jones Losing 100K Earring

Im positive everyone has lost an earring, a ring, necklace or something valuable at some point in time swimming. However! Julio lost a 100,000 earring jet skiing at Lake Lanier in Atlanta.

That’s right!! 100K earring. Fans around sports have given their opinion on the matter.

ESPN Jalen Rose on Julio Jones

Here’s Mohamed Sanu thoughts on Jones losing the earring.

Fan Tweets

Gil Brandt 2017 NFL Stat Leaders Predictions

Alright Falcons Fam Gil Brandt is here with a list of 2017 NFL Stat predictions. He mentions the reigning NFL MVP Matt Ryan.

Check out Brandt’s thoughts on Matty Ice stats.

Kyle Shanahan, is now in San Francisco. But I don’t see Ryan regressing in his first season under Shanahan’s replacement, Steve Sarkisian. First, while some might wonder about Ryan’s ability to adjust to Sarkisian, I think Sarkisian will instead adjust to what the Falcons were doing last season. Second, Ryan is a smart guy who will not be thrown off by either the change in play-callers