Thomas Dimitroff Admits He’s On The Hot Seat

Falcons Fans let’s be honest. No one should be surprised that general manager Thomas Dimitroff is on the hot seat.


I mean the Falcons have missed the playoffs three straight seasons. Poorly crafted draft picks and free agent misses. Most Falcons Fans have been calling for his job for years.

In fact some thought he should have been fired along with Mike Smith.

After the teams breakdown last season. Dimitroff finally admitted in an interview his job is DAMN sure on the line.

Here’s what he had to say

“Of course I’m on the hot seat. Every year I’m on the hot seat,” he told “The Talk of Fame Network”  I believe that 100 percent. I believe anyone who doesn’t think they are maybe just won a Super Bowl. But I think most of us know that it’s a very urgent league now.

“You can talk to some of my contemporaries in the league as younger general managers as they’re coming through, and they realize as they step through the doorway that this is about now … this is about acquiring … and capitalizing on victories now. They may not be around for three years.”

Final Thoughts – Watching Thomas Dimitroff screw up draft picks, continuously make horrible free agent acquisitions. Questionable releasing of key players such as John Abraham Roddy White. He’s lost all support from the fan base.

The only way to change his perception from the fan base is a championship.

Other than that….. I really don’t see him lasting in Atlanta.

What are your thoughts #FalconsNation?

Does Dimitroff deserve a swift kick out of the door?

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