Top 5 Quarterbacks In Atlanta Falcons History 

1) Matt Ryan – First pick in the 2008 NFL Draft out of Boston College. Has thrown 37,701 passing yards, 202 touchdowns and a much improved (3-4) playoff record after the heartbreaking 28-24 loss to San Francisco 49ers in 2012-13 season. 

Without a doubt the greatest Quarterback in franchise history and he has at least five quality years left to play. 

  • AS Rookie of the year
  • 4x Pro Bowl 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016,
  • 1st team All Pro 2016
  • PFWA NFL MVP 2016-17

    2) Steve Bartkowski – Before Matt Ryan was drafted in 2008 Bartkowski was undoubtedly the greatest Falcons quarterback. Drafted number one overall in 1975, Steve Bartkowski put up good numbers. Check it out! 

    • Career high 3,544 31 touchdowns 
    • 23,470 passing yards 154 touchdowns 
    • Inducted into Falcons ring of honor in 2004

    Bartkowski is my choice as second greatest quarterback in franchise history. 

    3) Chris Chandler – Have to show this guy some love. Before Matt Ryan, Chris Chandler led the Falcons to 1999 Superbowl. For that he’s third on my list. 

    • Two consecutive Pro Bowls 
    • 13,268 passing yards, 87 touchdown passes
    • 1998 NFC Championship 

    4) Brett Favre – I know what you are thinking. Why is Favre on certain this list? Simple! If it wasn’t for the gross incompetence of June Jones and Jerry Glavine. There would be no Brett Favre…. Jones wanted Favre to fit his system instead of maximizing the talent of Favre. For this reason I place Favre at 4

    5) Michael Vick – After trading up to draft Vick with the first overall pick in 2001. Mike Vick set the city on fire. The NFL has never seen a talent like him. Strong arm, speed and quickness….Vick in his prime was almost unstoppable. In his best season (2006) he threw for 2,474 yards 20 touchdowns….1,039 rushing yards 22 total touchdowns. Vick would be higher on this list, but Vick was lazy arrogant and took his position for granted. For this I rank him fifth.

    What are you thoughts? leave comments below.

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