Top Tweets: Why Did The Falcons Tweet a Michael Bennett Question?

If you’re anything like me you’re wondering why the Falcons would tweet anything about Seattle Seahawks Michael Bennett?

Why would they add to the speculation about Falcons bringing in Bennett?

My guess is when this happens, it’s typically to get fans talking.

I don’t think the Falcons are serious about bringing Bennett in.

HOWEVER!!! Falcons have a need at defensive end, If the price is right… Bennett may be an Atlanta Falcon.

Falcons News Updates

Antonio Brown is throwing Falcons Fans into a frenzy by tweeting out RISEUP!

Naturally they think he wants to be a member of the Falcon. I think it’s Brown saying that he is the receiver in the game. Nothing more, Nothing less.

TheFalcoholic tweeted an interesting take on Falcons Dline.

It’s not a secret Austin Hooper struggled catching passes season. Three of his drops resulted in interceptions so he’s on a mission to improve catching.

Looks like Adrian Clayborn is on his way out. Falcons obviously have a plan and fans aren’t happy about it.

I don’t think fans realize there’s a thing called “SALARY CAP”

Can’t go signing players all willy nilly.

Allen Robinson is a good player but he doesn’t fit with the Atlanta Falcons financially.

NFL Draft News

TheFalcoholic gives their take on how the Falcons should approach the draft.

Minkah Interview at Alabama Pro Day.

Todd McShay has the Falcons selecting a safety. Interesting!

Around The League

Denver has had issues at Quarterback. Miller thinks adding Kirk Cousins gives them a chance for another championship.

The Aints shipping Mark Ingram?

With Falcons passing on Michael Bennett. A player some had interest in getting friendly in Wisconsin.

Richard Sherman and the Legion of Boom falling apart.

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