Update: Julio Jones not expected to miss any games

In Sunday’s 23-17 loss to the Buffalo Bills WR Julio Jones suffered a hip flexor injury. According to Atlanta Falcons Julio isn’t expected to keep him out of any games.

The Falcons have a bye week up next Oct. 15, which they play Miami Dolphins.

Jones wanted to come back, but Coach Quinn made the decision to keep him out.

Dan Quinn on keeping Jones out

“Yeah, he definitely [did], and we spoke on the sideline and he was hoping that he could explode and he really wanted to go,” Falcons coach Dan Quinn said. “He had trouble just exploding, and if he can’t be him, that’s a unique thing for him. The speed, the explosiveness so when he wasn’t able to do that, that’s when we had to pull him. He definitely wanted to go.”

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