Was Matt Ryan Snubbed On NFL Network Top 100 List? 

Falcons Fam here we go AGAIN! The continuous disrespect of Matt Ryan. First,  let me make it crystal clear….  I am not surprised. 

AT ALL!!! 

Losing the Superbowl in the manner they did only adds to the lack of respect for our franchise. 


Matt Ryan was the 2016 NFL MVP!!!! 

That should be respected. I cannot understand the rational behind this.

 It’s said that the rankings are based on last year’s performance. Yet Ryan was ranked number 10 in the NFL Top 100 BEHIND!!!! Packers QB Aaron Rodgers. 

This is not a lifetime achievement award. Based on last year’s performance and numbers, Matt Ryan was a much better quarterback in yards, completion percentage, Quarterback Ratings both had the same amount of interceptions thrown. 

You can make the argument Tom Brady had an equally impressive regular season. 3,554 yards 28 TDs 2 INTs 

SO JUST STOP THE NONSENSE – Matt Ryan was a QB better than Aaron Rodgers in 2016 That’s the TRUTH! 

Don’t take my word for it. Former NFL receiver Reggie Wayne believes Matt Ryan was snubbed. 

Check out Wayne’s thoughts on the matter – HERE 

When you’re done let me know your thoughts on Matt Ryan being ranked 10 on the list by leaving a comment on Twitter. 


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