What’s the difference between Steve Sarkisian and Kyle Shanahan?

Have you actually taken the time to the understand that there’s a major difference between Kyle Shanahan and Steve Sarkisian?

These guys couldn’t be anymore different. Not only on a personal level but in their professional career. Kyle Shanahan is a far more experienced NFL coach than Steve Sarkisian.

Shanahan has been offensive coordinator in Houston Texans 2008, Washington Redskins 2010-13, Cleveland Browns 2014 and Atlanta Falcons in 2015-16

Sarkisian has never been an NFL signal caller. However he was Head Coach/OC for USC.

Washington Head coach 2009-13

Alabama Crimson Tide OC.

So it’s unfair to compare the two even if you have Matt Ryan Julio Jones Devonta Freeman at the helm. It takes time to get an understanding on where each player likes the ball and develop a play call rhythm.

Another thing that’s not being taken in account is something I feel is EXTREMELY important. Which is understanding what other coordinators is trying to do.

Sarkisian needs to learn tendencies of the NFL game. Being the Falcons expectations are obviously trying to get back to the Super Bowl, fans aren’t trying to hear anything about patience.

Dan Quinn is going to have make a decision on whether or not Sarkisian will be the play caller or this season will be a major disappointment.

Here’s more of my thoughts on this topic.

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