What’s wrong with Matt Bosher?

Matt Bosher’s performance has been GAWD AWFUL lately. He’s with a doubt one of the leagues best punters. For whatever reason I can’t explain why he’s in a funk.

I mean he’s had some HORRIBLE shanks.

A 35 yarder from the Atlanta 28 in New England, 37 yarder from the 19 went out of bounds in Miami, and a 26 yarder from 25 against the Miami Dolphins.

Giving the opposing team such great field position is not helping the defense late in games.

I ask if Matt Bosher isn’t suffering from a mysterious injury. Then what the hell is going on?

My answer is he’s in one of those stretches when a kicker/punter is not at your best.

I know Falcons Fam… I know you’re tired of hearing “Be patient”…. but let everything play out. Matt Bosher will get back to himself.

Right? Right?

Let me know what you thoughts are…

Last 4 season averages

2017 Net Avg. 40.8 Avg – 44.5 ypp

2016 Net Avg. 41.6 Avg – 46.8 ypp

2015 Net Avg 40.4 Avg – 47.2 ypp

2014 Net Avg 40.8 Avg – 45.7 ypp

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