Will Matt Ryan Take Full Control Over The Falcon Offense?

Despite getting off to a 6-1 start, Falcons offense was incredibly inconsistent. Matt Ryan threw HORRIBLE interceptions, had untimely fumbles and issues with the snap. Turning the ball over seemed inevitable in 2015. Especially in red zone opportunities. But none worse than the pick six that came via D’Qwell Jackson of the Colts. 

Since Matt Ryan was drafted in 2008, I’d like to think I know him a little bit. Offensive chemistry has NEVER been an issue. That’s until Kyle Shanahan (The Quarterback Killer) has been offensive coordinator. I’m not hear to solely put the blame on Kyle.  

What I am saying…. Team chemistry directly affects the Quarterback. When Ryan is uncomfortable, he forces throws. With average arm strength, that doesn’t bode well for the offense. 

I’ve stated this opinion over and over again. If Ryan had more freedom to change out of plays, Falcons offense would have been better in key situations. 

I can hear the skeptics now, Ryan had the ability to audible out of plays. Yes! Yes he did but not like in the passing game. 

Kyle Shanahan let it be known he wants no part of the hurry up offense. He believes it causes issues with protection…blah blah blah. I can understand how he felt that way. Getting familiar with the new players, trying to figure out their strengths… I get it. 

HOWEVER! With the addition of pro bowl center Alex Mack Kyle has no excuses for not using hurry up (passing) offense. It’s what Matt Ryan excels at. Why would you not want him comfortable? 

That’s just Mad Mikes opinion…. I want to know how YOU the fans felt . I went to social media and asked a couple of close friends how they felt. 

Will Kyle Shanahan finally give Matt Ryan more control over the offense? 

Here’s how they responded. 

Fan Reaction

Atl_falconsnews (Instagram)  had this to say. 
“I feel Matt Ryan will have more freedom this year due to him learning Kyle’s system and being able to read a defense. He will gain more freedom as he learns and perfects Shanahan’s system.”

Mad Mike Question – So basically Matt Ryan’s struggles were due to him being in a new system?

Atl_falconsnews – “Exactly we saw this same struggle his rookie year and when Dirk Koetter became the new offensive coordinator of Atlanta.” 

@HarbaughtheGOAT Twitter

“Ryan will definitely get freedom to call and change plays this year. 

Mad Mike question – Which do you prefer? Hurry up offense or shots down field? 

@HarbaughtheGOAT I prefer the hurry up offense. Shots down field are essentially 50/50 balls and that’s too risky 

Mad Mike Question – Agreed… With that said… What are your expectations for the offense in it’s entirety? As far as scoring rank and passing TDs 

@HarbaughtheGOAT – I think with the additions on our o-line and a stable running back situation, the offense will improve. I hope to a top 10 offense this season. 

Chico Chapman Facebook 

“I hope he can change plays in the middle of the ball being in the air going into the defenders’ hands.  How about him being able to call a play that sends Shanahan’s ass across the middle and make him go up for it.  That would impressive. Seriously though, I’m not sure if boy wonder Shanahan would allow anyone else to call plays consistently.”

@TChannell_4L Follow on twitter
“He is the leader of the offense. If he doesn’t feel comfortable with a play, he should be able to audible out of it.”

@Atlanta_Homer – Follow him on Twitter 

Shanahan actually talked about this about a month or so ago. Matt Ryan does have freedom to change the playoffs about 50% of the plays. The reason he (Kyle) doesn’t want Ryan to change it a lot of the time is because sometimes you have to run the ball in an eight man front to keep them honest. 

Mad Mike Question – Shanahan also stated that most of the audibles were checks to the run. How does that help the passing game? Falcons were pretty good in the running game. 

@Atlanta_Homer – Last year the passing game was hampered by having only 1 serious target. Tamme/Freeman aren’t a big threat in traffic and Roddy couldn’t get separation. And now we added Sanu and Hooper which will help the passing attack a lot more. 

To get back to your question, the running is less important this year because the offense won’t need play action as much as it did last year. With Person at center if he’s able to attack on play action passes he’s a good blocker but just a normal shotgun play he can’t attack and struggles. Mack is good at both

@pitner_tom – Follow him on Twitter 

The failure will be on Kyle Shanahan, Dan Quinn and NOT Matt Ryan. Matt will have ability to audible. But doesn’t change the fact that Kyle’s offense isn’t tailored to Matt’s strengths. 

DreMack @sportseliteblog 

In order for the Falcon offense to succeed, Kyle Shanahan has to trust that Matt Ryan can and will direct the offense like Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, and Tom Brady do. Whenever the  Falcons ran the no huddle, they were very effective. That needs to be implemented more and not the vanilla offensive playcalling that cost the Falcons games and Ryan’s worse statistical season. If the Falcons want to be elevated to Superbowl contenders, Shanahan has to let Matt Ryan be great and trust him to run the offense.

Final Thoughts 

After interviewing these incredibly talented sports fans. I’ve come to the conclusion that most believe Matt Ryan will have the opportunity to audible. 

HOWEVER! Not everyone is sold on Kyle Shanahan. Fans just want what’s best for the team. Right now Kyle is the offensive coordinator, so he and Matt Ryan MUST find common ground to prevent another atrocious year. 

If not, fans sure as hell will be calling for BOTH their jobs. 

What are your thoughts? Leave comments below. 

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